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About Simona


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My Outlook


"When I am misattuned to myself, I am less alive and conscious."

Our bodies and souls are our primary tool for being alive. Therefore I think of self-care as the responsible care and protection of our mechanism for life,

giving us the capacity to work and to love... we were given this beautiful instrument and we must care for it.

I found massage, tantra, hands-on healing, any body or enegy work very effective in my journey of self-discovery, self-growth and being able to thrive.

At its core, such self-care/well-being ritual (as I like to refer to as my Tantra massage), is an attitude/claim toward yourself that you matter, that your needs matter. It's about establishing a sense of wellness and balance from top to bottom, inside and out.

I believe in attention, connection and ritual.

I see also a spiritual element to self-care: devotion to our soul is holy attention to the unique gifts we bring to the world.

When we really believe in our own mattering, we want to take care of ourselves.


Practicing tantra massage can help you develop a relationship with yourself that's more loving, kind and caring, while sensualy blooming.

Here's to your inner SMILE!